A first-time visitor reflects on both the light and shadows of the world's most famous urban tourist destination. Did I mention the bread?
The unanimous election of Congressman Hakeem Jeffries to lead the Democratic caucus in the House of Representatives is a historic moment for the country…
Recommended reading on billionaires, anti-Semitism, media failures, the Proud Boys - plus some Curtis Mayfield the Mexican Sunflower. It's what you need…
Was Musk's descent into vicious xenophobia on Twitter foreshadowed by his open disdain for philanthropy and improving society?
Liz Cheney, Elon Musk, Black Conservatives, Crypto Crash, the Allman Brothers and Mott the Hoople top Tom's linkage hit parade.
Zeldin lost - so let's not fight the last war on public safety. Bail reform is working and should be extended. Recent political history shows us why.
Too many of us living in this liberal democracy think and communicate about what might be possible instead of what is absolutely necessary. None of our…
By contributing to institutional strength, philanthropist MacKenzie Scott brings classic liberalism to the fight for equity and a stronger society.
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The Liberal by Tom Watson