Thanks. I needed a pep talk this morning.

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A call to moving to a swing state!!

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Good point. We should resist being sucked out to aea by the undertow of gloom. There has been a giant wave of admonition and fear lately. It's possible that that wave has broken, giving way to more realistic optimism.

Joan.Walsh is right. We should contribute loads of money to the cause, back voter registration and get out the vote, and holler a lot. We cannot influence MAGA sentiment, but we can resist their anti-democratic machinations. And we can, from within the parry, advance better policy and strategy.

To minimize the disaffection of young and BIPOC voters, we must do what every other mainstream progressive (e.g., Nicholas Kristoff) and even some moderates (Thomas Friedman) are advocating: call for an end to the slaughter of Palestinians and insist upon a new state for the them.

The party should meet in secret over the next two months and decide if Biden/Harris is the ticket that can deliver victory, given that so many Dem voters hate it. For some mysterious reason, Biden/Harris is not resonating strongly. We have to be realistic and consider whether another ticket will do better.

If Biden/Harris survives that process. Im.all in for the ticket, even if Biden and Bibi wipe Gaza off the map, because I know Trump will do much worse.

I'd prefer that my party and my country do the right thing, which I believe will help us defeat Trump.

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Appreciated. He can be stopped.

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Biden/Harris should NOT be the ticket unless it can win. There is still time to change tickets if that is deemed wise. If it is the ticket we meed to change policy and strategy to win. Oherwuse we may lose. There should be open discussion about how to win.

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