You might want to check out "Gogol Bordello": Ukrainian frontman; anti-authoritarian; punk band; activists. Look up "Immigrant Punk" as a starter and go from there :)

While "American Idiot" by Greenday, was about the Bush era, it feels even more relevant to day. "Troubled Times" is what I can think of.

Also, Tom Morello and "Rage Against the Machine" are still around...

and those are the ones that I, as a Gen-Xer know... I'm sure hip millenials and Gen-Zers can point you to others.

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The Clash never made music. They made anti-music. Loud, somewhat organized noise, hyped to ear-splitting volumes, crude, ugly, grotesque, paired with words badly composed -- one might enjoy it (perverse, in my opinion) -- does not in any way rise to the level of music. It's something else. (Someone, I'm sure, will respond that it contains "classical music references" or something similar...)

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Good job, way to conflate a heavily promoted vaccine for a respiratory virus as just as important eradication of polio. And how exactly is it capitalism when the government subsidizes the vaccine and the pharma industry makes record profits

If I need a good laugh I will gladly read Piketty, someone so devoid of common sense

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We need the Clash more than ever, 100% agree. Not to tell us who to vote for but push back against commercialized values and help stand up for freedom of speech. Our musicians now are teaming up with big pharma to promote vaccines and it’s a joke, getting vaccinated is a personal choice

I lost a lot of respect for John Legend when he put this out


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